Friday, August 12, 2011

Sundry matters (21 July 2010)

1. At risk of titanic hypocrisy, I am trying to revivify the moribund @marginalutility Twitter feed. I still don't quite get it, but at least I now understand it is not a communication medium per se so much as a way to update anybody who cares (and doesn't use RSS) about when I post something new or read something I find interesting. I might throw in some quotes from stuff I'm reading as well. It seems as though people conduct conversations through Twitter, but I don't understand how that works. (Do people monitor it all day like their email? Do they set it up to stream into their RSS reader? Do people get annoyed if you direct messages at them or respond to their broadcasts? Are friends electric?) My superannuation has already begun. But please feel free to follow it; I will try to prevent it from stagnating.

2. I always thought this was noted somewhere on the site, but I can be reached via email at horning ((at)) popmatters (dot) com . (Not sure if that helps prevent spam or not; just imitating what other people do, as I am with Twitter.) I've only been emailed once by someone reading. Now that the initial surprise has worn off, it has occurred to me that there is probably an obvious explanation for that.

3. I have a few pieces up at the New Inquiry: one on beauty and one on love.

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